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5 Blade Razor

Why choose a manual 5 blade razor?


1. Good shave


Electric shavers are difficult to control and direction, it is easy to scratch the skin. Manual 5 blade razor, however, rely solely on human control, which can well control the strength and shaving angle. Because people secretly believe that they are better than the machine, manual shavers can often clean the beard at one time, while electric shavers need to clean the beard back and forth.


2. Easy to carry without charging


Manual 5 blade razor are designed to be compact and easy to carry. Many men who travel on business often choose to take manual shavers with them. They are light and do not occupy an area of land, and also avoid the embarrassment of running out of power when they need them in a hurry. For a lot of tough guys, the more convenient the better. It is economical and convenient to change the razor head.


3. Avoid discomfort and damage to skin


Because of the electric reason, electric shavers often have slight vibration at work, which is easy to cut the handsome face with the sharp blade. The skin is fragile when shaving, which can easily lead to skin inflammation and discomfort. Some hand razors now come with lubricating strips, which not only provide a smooth effect, but also nourish the skin. Be in nevertheless after shaving, still want daub a few moisturizing cream to make skin more water embellish.


Thus, I think women are more suitable for our 5 blade razor. The reasons are as follow:


  • First of all, make girls more attractive.


Ladies can use 5 blade razor to shave off those annoying leg hair, armpit hair, arm hair and so on, shave off the annoying hair, can have smooth skin, more a beautiful point.


  • Secondly, zero waste and reusable.


Our 5 Blade Razor for Women’s are light and compact, and the tips are easy to change. Just press the button and the knife head pops out. To replace the new razor head, just load the new razor head.


  • Last but not least, there is no noise and it is clean.


While electric shavers are easy to use, shaving is quick. But electric shavers don't shave very well, and they can be noisy, especially if you use them at night.


  • In fact, electric razors are also very easy to hide dirt, beard residue, beard residue hiding bacteria, it is disgusting. In a way, electric shaver head complex, wash is not easy to wash off. It's too hard to be a clean and delicate girl. So, you need our Women’s Bamboo Razor to solve this problem.


a)One is that the razor is simple and easy to clean,


b)and the other is that you can use it with shaving cream, which can kill bacteria and to a certain extent avoid infection.


Why choose our blade?


1.Smooth, clean blade without irritation or razor burn.


2.Less clogging due high quality blade, resulting in a closer shave.


3.Strong and durable, made from quality stainless steel.