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A Bamboo Safety Razor You Own, A Pleasant Day You Get!

The ancients said: in spring, a day hour in the morning is worth two in the evening. In the morning, people are going to tidy up and dress up while a good shave experience will lead to different mood for your all day. Getting one incredible close shave bamboo razor will make you pleasant and feel confident and enjoy your day!

A classical double edged blade safety razor can be lasted for months! The unique rotatable razor head design makes it more convenient to install and disassemble the blades. The double edge design provides a smooth shave around your delicate skin. The appropriate blades exposure size will give your much safer to use and unimaginable close shave you’ve ever experienced.With its textured bamboo handle, this safety razor offers a firm comfortable grip which allow you to shave with exceptional control and precision. With a bamboo handle and brass metal components, we had designed an eco-friendly and recyclable bamboo safety razor for you!

This double edge safety razor are fit for males and females. It gives a smooth shave on courser beards and sensitive skin, leaving your skin feeling reliably smooth, suitable for either males’ or females’ delicate needs.

This bamboo safety razor is designed with decomposable bamboo handle and recycling metal parts which is total eco-friendly razor. All materials are purchased through formal channels and our designers had tested for times and used it in their daily life. They are all satisfied with it.

In addition, this safety razor with bamboo wood handle is a sustainable environmental friendly alternative compared to excessive use of plastic disposable multi blades shavers. It is well-known that the plastic materials are very difficult to biodegrade all of them and burning plastic also pollutes the environment to a great extent. However, we are doing our best to produce eco friendly razors which is our original intention. Like this bamboo safety razor, we can help to protect the environment in our daily life by using eco friendly products.

Moreover, the blades are easily replaceable and one piece can be lasted for many times. The weight of whole safety razor is about 86 grams which will not so heavy. With suitable bamboo razor handle size to hold in hands tightly, it is perfect to take out for travel and holidays. It is widely-used shaving tooling, not only suitable for personal use, but also for salon stores.

Finally, this bamboo safety razor is the best choice for manual shaving and a great sweet gift for your families and someone you love on any occasions such as Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s day etc. We can provide different gift boxes packaging for you to choice. We are safety razor manufacturer for over 16 years in China. We are most cherished good quality and nice service. We have our development and research department to design different kinds of shavers and test the market, production team to produce mass production in order, sales team to lead you get suitable shaving razors and let you know the process in time once you place an order. We are professional factory Trust us, you deserve better!