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A good gift for Spring Festival -- safety razor

Spring Festival is the Chinese New Year.It starts on the 1st and ends on the 15th of lunar January.Spring Festival celebrates the coming of spring several days before the New Year. Every family prepares rich food, buys new clothes and cleans the house.Many families buy or write Spring Festival couplets and put them on the door.People believe that everything must be new and clean for the Spring Festival celebration so that the New Year will bring happiness and good luck. In China, red represents luck.

New Year is coming. Many people will do a new hairstyle, clean up to welcome the New Year. In addition to hairstyles, and the men also need to shave their beards. At this time, we need to use our razors. When it comes to razors, I first recommend our stainless steel safety razor. This is a manual razor with metal texture, shaving foam and sharp blade, which can make your beard disappear completely. Safety razors can also be used on the face, body, bikini and underarm. Our products are neutral and can be customized in different colors or materials. For example, women prefer pink or blue, which can be customized. If you like both color, you can also mix them.


The day of the Spring Festival is also called the first day of the New Year. Generally, we spend the New Year at home on the first day of the lunar New Year. After the first day of the lunar New Year, we go to relatives' home to pay New Year's greetings and send blessings and good luck. Then, from the second day of the lunar New Year, we can visit relatives. We can not only send New Year’s goods to relatives and friends, but also send them our Double Edge Blade Safety Razor Shaving Set! Razors can be divided into double edge razors, butterfly razors, twin blades razor, three blades razor and five blades razor. And there are different styles to choose. We can customize the gift box to fit our razors for customers. It is beautiful and practical. In particular, the rose gold safety razor shows luxury, nobility and elegance.


Many people prefer to use a manual razor. One of the reasons is that the manual razor can fit our facial contour without dead angle in all aspects. It can shave more cleanly, comfortably and conveniently. There is no need to charge, just replace the blade. Our shavers are high quality products, smooth and bright. Such a thoughtful gift, they are guaranteed to be loved by your family and friends. Travel is also convenient to carry, can be used repeatedly, practical! It's the best choice for gift giving.

Of course, Chinese people also pay attention to "meaning" when giving gifts. Most Chinese people don't like the number "4" because the pronunciation of "4" is similar to the word for "death" which is taboo among Chinese people. We all like the number "8" because it has a similar pronunciation to "fa" and it means "to be rich". We also don't like odd numbers because Chinese people think being alone makes you lonely. We all like even numbers.Because "good things come in pairs."

Our shaving metal razor and wooden razor is Eco-friendly, zero waste, protect earth. The best safety razors for you!