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The new favorite of the razor - the butterfly razor

When it comes to razors, the only thing most of us know is the safety razor. And now our company has launched a new version of the safety razor- Butterfly razor. Our butterfly shavers can be customized with different materials of handles, such as metal, wood, resin or ABS. Resin and ABS can be customized in a variety of colors. The metal colors can be customized with matte rose gold, matte black, gun black, chrome, matte chrome and so on. Also, we can also customize with different grain for handle. Compared to the double edge razor, the butterfly razor is more convenient. 

To use the double edge safety razor, you need to separate them with three parts first, and then put the double edge blade to the razor head holder. Thirdly, close the razor head (note: the blade is texturing down), and then screw the handle into the razor headBut for the Butterfly razors, you do not need to separate the razor head, and you just need to turn the razor handle to open the razor head and insert the razor blade into the razor head. It's very convenient for the beginners to use. Note: our blades are very sharp, please do not directly touch the tip of the blade. Of course, our safety razors can also be purchased with a complete set, or can be customized in a gift box.


Next, I will show you the advantages of our products. First of all, our products use our own unique mold. After loading the blade, the two sides will not be exposed, so it is safer to use.

Secondly, the non-slip handle is designed and it is not easily to fall down when you use it to shave.

Our lines are specially designed by our own designers and we have our own special molds. Suitable for men and women, and our safety razors can be used for face, bikini, hands, feet, whole body. The size of our butterfly razor is 10.8 x 4.3cm and weight is around 92g. We have a variety of materials, metal, wood, bamboo and so on.  There are so many colors that you can choose, just like matte black, matte rose gold, matte gold and chrome, these colors are very popular for women and men. 

Besides, we have many colorful colors for women, like purple, green, blue, pink, white and so on, can also be customized according to the customer's Pantone color number. We can customize your logo on the razor head or engrave logo on the wood handle. Our products also have SGS test report, are in line with international standards of environmental protection materials. All products of our company are through high strict artificial control, from raw materials to molding – metal parts- polishing - electroplating and so on have been through strict QC.

Compared with razors from other suppliers, our safety razors are more smooth and bright, and the workmanship is meticulous, the weight is also more sufficient. We can provide you with razor samples (free of charge).You only need to pay the shipping fee! In addition, we can also provide some production videos for you to check.