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Eco-friendly and Biodegradable Resin Stainless Steel 3 Blade Safety Razor

Our factory mainly produces shaving razor and shaving kit. There are twin blades razor, three blades shaving razors, and five blades shaving razors, as well as shaving brush and razor stand. The so-called 2 piece safety razor, 3 blade razor, 5 blade razor, is the number of blades on the best safety razor head. For example, 3 blade safety razors are three blades on the head.

Compared to the Double edge safety razors, twin blades razor, 3 blade safety razors, five blades shaving razors these do not need their own manual loading blade, we have installed adjustable razor head on three blades shaving razors, five blades shaving razors, if you need to change the razor head, just press the button, it can pop out, suitable for any three blades razors and five blades razors blade. Of course, the twin blades razors are also detachable. Any products can be customized in accordance with customers’ requirements.


Material: Faux horn resin handle, metal. Razor Size: 11.2(L) x4.3 (W) cm

Gross Weight: 75.5g. Our resin handle of stainless steel 3 Blade safety razor is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The resin handle material is lighter, but the razor head and other parts of the razor are real material, so the overall weight is sufficient. The razor surface is smooth and textured, looking like the texture of jade.

Surface Treatment:The decoration is Eco-friendly chrome plated. We can process the logo by carving, laser or printing. A laser logo is wear-resistant. Printing logo can be in many colors and the hue is brighter. Your customized logo can be laser engraved on razor head, or debossed on the handle

Plating: Eco-friendly chrome plated (or below) Gold, Nickel, Bronze, rose gold, chrome, gun metal

Quality Control: Every process of our manufacturing is sample-tested according to the Standard AQL0.65/1.5 while the finished products are 100% tested. As far as we know, our competitors' products are tested against the Standard of AQL2.0/4.0 hence actually our products prices are not that high.

Packaging: If you don’t have some special requirements for the packaging. Normally, the items are wrapped in white paper, bubble bag and white box. Of course, you can also customize the gift box you want to package.

Service: OEM and ODM service is available.

Our Strength: We have passed the factory inspection quality management system authentication with superior conditions to guarantee the quality of product

Why to choose us: Firstly, razor is a man or woman’s life necessities, never slows sales, and needed every day, the market is very large.

Secondly, we are a factory, there is no middleman to make price difference, good quality and low price, and it is excellent to cooperate with us.

Thirdly, our shavers are battery-free, environmentally friendly and will not pollute the environment. They can be reused or recycled.

Fourthly, we have been a qualified supplier for some middle and high end brands such as the world famous L’ORÉAL and Chloe.

Finally, we are a one-stop service, production - delivery - sales – retail.