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Bamboo razor set

We don't know when there is such a demand for razors, sometimes we will think about whether the razor is so popular so that to inspire us to buy or us actually need to use it for daily life? That it is an open-mined question for us to think. And maybe someone will choose disposable shavers for convenience, but why do we choose some razors can use for a long time? Compared with disposable shavers, our bamboo razor set can be used longer than them, also can be used repeatedly. However disposable razor actually is use for one time or a very short period of time, its blade also is not very sharp. The important point is the disposable razor is not environmental protection, and harmful to the environment.

Our bamboo razor set is not only used for men, but for women, is a kind of unisex safety razor. Our bamboo razor set is popular in European, North American countries and Australia and so on. And many of them give us five stars comment which over 95%. By the way, our bamboo had been polished with three times, so that to make sure the surface of bamboo stays smooth and it will not hurt our skin when you hold it in your hand. Our bamboo razor set is made from natural materials, no preservatives on the bamboo handle. So you do not worry about the material is not safety for you.

Our bamboo razor has advantages over other bamboo shaver. Our bamboo handle connects the metal part close. And we are the first manufacturer of bamboo razor, and we have a patent on appearance for the bamboo razor. Our razor head is made from zinc alloy-high quality material, with its textured bamboo handle,this safety razor offers a firm comfortable grip,allowing you to shave with exceptional control and precision. Our razor blades can be used durable and your logo can be customized on the blades. Also, our double edge safety razor blades apply for all double edge safety razors. According to the survey of our customers, our bamboo razors can last for a long time unless you think it is not sharp. And our bamboo razor set includes shaving brush, razor stand and blades in a gift box, so that they will be easy to take out when you travel. 

As an old saying goes:“we usually buy something impracticality and put it away. ”It means we not make full use of something. And our bamboo razor set not only has delicate appearance, but also has a competitive prices and practical for using. You can imagine that you have a bamboo set in your bathroom, and then you will feel very satisfied with them. Because they will make you be a handsome man. And our purpose is to provide customers with best service and delight the customer, so that we can establish the long-term cooperation with our customers. Besides, it is very convenient to build trust between us and customers. Welcome to contact us, free razor samples is available!