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Wholesale wooden Safety Shaving Razor

We mainly produce double edge razor, triple razor, five razor and butterfly razor. We have different wood for the handles, like bamboo, ebony, sandal, maple, zebrawood, beech, olivewood etc. All the wood materials will be exclusively polished so that it will looks nicer and smooth.


Size: 10.8*4.3cm, Weight: 98.5g, Decoration: Adjustable style, Quality: Comply with European and American standards

Our wood handles are carefully polished, burnished and waxed by our masters.The grain of our wooden handle is clear and shiny. It is very smooth and will not prick hands. There are no cracks or defects in the handle.

We provide ODM custom service as well. We could laser logo on the razor head and smooth handle, we also can engrave logo on the wooden handle.

Compared with the electric razors, shaving razors will be used much cleaner and faster. Our shavers are high-quality, durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly. lt doesn’t have to charge time to time and the style will be more novel. And it is easy to take out for short business trip.


We focus on razors quality very much. Every process will be gone through under our strict quality control workers from raw materials, casting, polishing, electroplating and assemble. The quality is absolutely guaranteed.

If you are selling online, we suggest that you can sell it on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, ins, official website, and supermarkets. There are over 50% seller in Amazon are ordering razors from us. Our products quality is approved by their customers as well.

Besides, we could provide custom gift box and blade service. We will send you box template for your design. And our normal packaging is the tissue paper and whitebox. If you want to be a gift, you can also customize a beautiful and unique gift box, so that the person receiving the gift will think that you have prepared the gift with heart.

Our wooden razor can also be purchased together with a razor stand, or you can also buy it with our shaving brush and a shaving bowl. The brush hair made of badger hair, which are of high quality, soft and comfortable. The razor stand, shaving brush, and Double edge safety razor can also be purchased as a set, and you can mix and match it at will, or the entire shaving kit can be made of wood. Our razor holders also have the following types: Ebony 5 blades shaving set, 5 blades bring a flexible shaving experience. There is also a 3 blade razor, 3 blades bring a flexible shaving feeling! which makes 3-layer shave more flexible. Of course, there are also Double edge safety  razors,Double edge recall the first memories, away from discomfort.


We have more than 15 years of razor manufacturing experience, well-weathered craftsman-ship.

Our sales performance of more than1,700,000pieces razors annually and the products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

lf you are interested in our razors, we are will to provide you free samples and you just need to pay for the shipping cost.