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Double Edge Safety Razor Unisex

· This is the new model that our shop has launched, the unique safety razor design of the razor head to protect scratch.

· Size: 4.4*11.8cm, Weight: 59.5g


· We have 15 years production experience and OEM service.

· Your design and logo can be customized. We can customize your products color, style, packing can be customized. If you need to customized logo, please send your logo.

· Characteristic: Smooth handle & Recycle safety razor head safe design to protect scratch. Aluminum handle lightweight aluminum construction reduces fatigue.

· We can provide die line if you need to custom package. We usually have these four types of packaging. A: size:13*6*3.2cm cost-effective, save space and shipping cost, B:15*7*3.5cm high-grade collocation like open a mystic book, C:21*15*9cm shaving set collocation, D:12*5.4*2.6cm sample collocation.


· Advantage: The wavy handle of the razor has a good ergonomic design, and it fits tightly in the hand, is firm, non-slip and beautiful.

· Quality:All our products are electroplated using manual lines, which are controlled according to the size of the product, which is very fine. While other products use automatic lines, which are large in quantity and have many pits, which are not easy to control, and the effect is poor. Because the automatic tank line is large, the tank water change cycle is long (one month), there are many impurities in the tank water, and the accessories of different materials are electroplated in the same tank. The manual line change tank water time is short (once a week), to maintain the cleanliness of the tank water, use different tank water for different materials, and have different time controls according to different materials and size accessories, in order to achieve the best electroplating effect. So the quality of our products is very good.

· Cooperative brand & Authenticate: We have established relationship with P&G, AVON, Boots, L’OREAL, Lancôme, Chloe, ORIFLAME, Truefitt&Hill, Shiseido and etc. Our company has been authenticated by P&G, AVON, Boots and Hong Kong li&fung.

·  How to use your new Safety Razor?

Ø Unpack your safety razor.

Ø With dry hands, hold onto either side of the razor hand and unscrew the handle place it onto the head anticlockwise to close.

Ø The base will disconnect from the head.

Ø After the blade is in place, reassemble the razor by screwing the handle clockwise to tighten.

· Why Switch to Safety Razor?

In the US alone it is estimated that over 2-billion razor blade heads are thrown out every year. What makes this statistic even worse is that modern shaving cartridges are constructed of so much rubber and plastic that they cannot be recycled. So while you’re enjoying the smoothest, irritation free shave of your life, rest easy knowing that you’re not contribution to this statistic.

· Strength: All of our products can pass EU standards,such like SGS testing.

· Positioning: Our shaving razors, brushes, stands are leading the high-end fashion. When you see the products, either close to them or in the instance, you may instinctively feel their high quality in the expression of authentic and genuine materials and excellent craftsmanship.