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Mental safety razor set

  Disposable plastic razors are impossible to recycle, especially the cartridges, so that will result some pollution and harm to the earth. Our mental safety razor set are made with the environmental protection material, with this metal razor, there are almost no plastic waste produced.  And one safety razor can last a long time; you can save money when you use it. You only need to replace the easily recyclable double edged razor blades. Making the perfect razors for eco-friendly shaving, you are worth to use it.

  Our safety razor set including the razor stand, mental safety razor, shaving brush. And all of them can be customized logo and color if you have a great idea.

  The razor stand is made of aluminum, making it both sturdy and durable. All the components are evenly combined to create the perfectly blended shaving stands. It is small and light. On the one hand, you can take it out conveniently for travel everywhere. On the other hand, it is easy to clean as well. Also it can adjust the size according to the shaving razor handle; we consider the customer's requirement first, so feel free to take it into your shopping cart.

  The mental safety razor combines tradition and efficiency, if is made of high quality metals. Every razor goes through the strict controls and meets the high quality standards with AQL 0.65\1.5, and while the finished products are 100% tested. So you can totally trust our razor. The design of the razor combines precision, fit and ergonomics, making a close shave is ensured. And our razor head is made of brass handles and zinc alloy razor head, you can see the texture of handle, it is anti-skid design. So when you use the razor to shave your beard, it will not easy to drop off.

  And if you use our safety razor, you just need to change the blades. For our blades, making from quality stainless steel, we have smooth, clean blade without irritation or razor burn. And it not only provides you with a close shave, protecting your skin, but also it suitable for all safety razors. So you can have a great experience of our mental safety razor.

  Our shaving brushes are made of badger hair or nylon hair with high quality and soften texture. When you are shaving, you can feel the hair is so accord with your skin. Or if you do not like the badger hair, we also provide you with Pig hair and nylon hair because everyone's requirements are different. For the shaving brush, you can choose the different color in the hair knot or hair stand.

  Mental safety razor set is the ideal travel companion and perfect as a gift for the loved one. We always do our best to make your shaving experience is enjoyable and stylish. Our professional and friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have. When you buy our safety razor set, you are getting a high quality set that should last for a long time!