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5 Blade Metal Handle Razor for men

  • Razor is a daily tools of our lives and can be used by men to shave their beards and by girls to shave their body hair and armpit hair, so we must choose a good product that it is safe to use and can save our time.
  • People are finding more creative ways to remove their plastic waste in their daily routines. Many men and women are now choosing to go back in time and use a traditional method of shaving: using a safety razor. With many additional benefits for your skin, many also want to know what environmental influence safety razors have.
  • So, are safety razor better for the environment? Using a safety razor is much more environmentally-friendly than using disposable plastic or cartridge razors. Not only will it reduce your environmental influence, but it will aslo be safer for your skin and give you a more enjoyable shaving experience.
  • Usage: Clean the razor before using, and then pat some warm water on your face, which will open up the pores and soften the beard, making it easier to shave, and then use shaving soap or shaving cream products to apply to the part that needs to be shaved (this is to reduce the stimulation of the razor blade on the beard), wait 2~3 minutes later, and then start shaving.
  • We now produce twin blades razor, three blades shaving razor and five blades razor, as well as safety razors. Three blades shaving razor and five blades shaving razor are also available with different material handles. For example, wood, bamboo and metal. This you do not need to worry, the materials what we choosed are environmentally friendly and can be reused.

       Advantages of safety razors:

  a) Thorough shaving: closer to the root of the beard, shaving more thoroughly at the same time, and shaving cycle is also shortened.

  b) Easy to operate: more intuitive to operate, more convenient to use and easy to master.

  c) Protect the skin: avoiding squeezing and rubbing the skin embarrassment, let the face triangle to restore the curvature.

  • In contrast to electric shavers, using a manual shaver is more cleaner and faster, it doesn't have to be recharged from time to time and is more innovative. A manual shaver is more portable and more suitable for short business trips.
  • Services: We can also customise your logo, name and other information that can be engraved on the bamboo handle, and we can also customise your packaging, customise your blades and other ODM services. We can offer an OEM customisation service. If you have any ideas or scripts, you can contact us and let us know your idea of your design and we will provide samples to you based on our extensive experience.
  • Quality control: We are very seriously of our razors quality, from raw materials, casting, polishing, electroplating and assembling, every step of the process is monitored by our strict quality control department.
  • If you are interested in our razors, we will be happy to provide you a free sample with your own logo.