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Grooming kit for men

Kinghood Commodity Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing mental gifts. For the past 15 years , we have been producing care products and mental gifts which include mirrors, razors and powder cases. And our safety razor set is a perfect gift for men which makes any man extremely happy with our complete grooming shave kit. Also it is a great gift for fathers, husbands, sons or any man for that matter.

This kit contains our safety razor with razor blades, safety razor stand, shaving brush.Our shaving kit has the highest rated product on the market, which giving you complete confidence in your purchase along with our satisfaction guarantee. And our products are chasing the high-end fashion. When you see the products, either close to them or in the instance, you may instinctively feel their quality in the expression of authentic and genuine materials and excellent craftsmanship.

We are a factory, there is no middleman to earn the price distance, cheap, and our safety razors are not battery protection, they will not pollute the environment , can be reused and recycled. We are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards. Our shaving kit comes completely without plastic and without disposable cartridges.The world is advocating pollution-free, green and healthy now, we should take care of the earth.

Kinghood safety razor set has the razor included. With our safety razor it not only save money and protect the environment with easy blade replacement, but also it is not heavy for us to take out. The safety razor keeps the blade away from your skin, yet close enough to get a smooth, close, comfortable shave. Perfect balance and weight between the sits comfortably in the hand and the extremely close shave. Our products have been inspected by a reputable third-party inspection company, each product has been checked and put under a durability and functionality test before shipped to you. So you can confident about our products.

Our shaving kit is 100% sterilized and soft pure badger hair shaving brush, not cheap plastic. It can generate rich and warm lather for comfortable shave. With the shaving brush, you can feel the lift hair and open up pores on your face, naturally exfoliates your skin, helps minimizing irritation and shaving burn.

 In a addition, the safety razor set includes a stand, has an elegant look that also feels good in the hand. This stand completes the safety razor kit and makes a perfect gift for any shave enthusiast. With the quality shaving stand securely holds all equipment, keep them nice and easy to clean. It is designed to increase air circulation for the brush and razor to dry properly and quickly.

 kinghood devotes itself to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. And we want you to love every product we make. If you're not happy with what you ordered, send us a message and we'll take care of you.