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Best Razor for Sensitive Skin Unisex

Material: Zinc alloy+brass         Size: 11.2*4.3cm

Weight:109.1g                   Packing(normal):white paper + white box

Color and Packing can be customized, OEM and ODM is available.


You can laser the logo on the razor hand or razor handle.

Strength: Safety razors are made with robust design and affordability in mind. Each handle is composed of a study Nickel Alloy with chrome plating which allows for rust-free durability. These razors can be used with any standard safety razor shave and will allow for an incredibly close shave with less irritation and litter-to-no plastic waste. The Gun Metal handle has a shorter, hefty grip with texture that provides excellent feedback while shaving.

Our Double-Edge safety razors are works with any standard Double-Edge razor blade. Chrome plating protects the core metal from corrosion. Double-Edge safety razor 3-piece construction is durable, and easy to clean. Before using Double-Edge safety razor, be sure to dispose of blades in Blade Bank.

Why need to use Double-Edge safety razor?

Return to classic shaving with our style stainless double edge safety razor.

Unlike disposable ‘pink or blue’ plastic razors, the safety razor provides a unisex design and a close shave for both men and women.

People are finding more creative ways in their daily routines to reduce their plastic waste. Many men and women are choosing to go back in time and use a traditional method of shaving: using a safety razor. With many added benefits for your skin, many also wonder what environmental impact safety razors have.

So, are safety razors better for the environment? Using a safety razor is much more environmentally-friendly than using disposable plastic or cartridge razors. Not only will it reduce your environmental impact, but it will also be safer for your skin and provide a more enjoyable shaving experience.

What Your Cartridge Razor is Doing to Your Skin?

1. When you wet your face legs with warm water, you are opening the pores of your skin while prepping your hair for shaving. These open are exposing your skin for anything to enter, which includes dead skin cells and any bacteria that may be present.

2. Let’ say your cartridges razor has five blades and you make three passes with your razor on a section of your skin. This means you are exposing your pores to 15 blade passes. Using a safety razor means only one blade and one pass on your skin at a time. This means less irritation to your skin: fewer razor bumps, minimal cuts, and fewer ingrown hairs.

3. The use of multiple blade cartridges also allows for moisture and bacteria to get trapped in between the blades. This only exposes your open pores to potential external threats such as bacteria risking infection.   

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