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Manual shaving safety razor for women

Unlike disposable pink or blue plastics razors, the safety razor provides a unisex design and close shave for both men and women.

People are finding more creative ways in their daily routines to reduce their plastic waste. Many men and women are now choosing to go back in time and use a traditional method of shaving: using a safety razor. With many added benefits for your skin, many also wonder what environmental impact safety razors have.

So, are safety razors better for the environment ? Using a safety razor is much more environmentally-friendly than using disposable plastic or cartridge razors. Not only will it reduce your environmental impact, but it will also be safer for your skin and provide a more enjoyable shaving experience.

Let’s say your cartridge razor has five blades and you make three passes with your razor on a section of your skin. This means you are exposing your pores to 15 blade passes. Using a safety razor means only one blade and one pass on your skin at a time. This means less irritation to your skin: fewer razor bumps, minimal cuts, and fewer ingrown hairs.

The use of multiple blade cartridge also allows for moisture and bacteria to get trapped in between the blades. This only exposes your open pores to potential external threats such as bacteria risking infection.

The following is the production process of our safety razor: Our products are all can provide sample, you can customize your logo on your razor, then we will have to open mold, with CNC machine ensures that the razor to meet the needs of customers. When the mould comes back we will polish the razor, 3 times polishing for every razor, to ensure smooth surface, colour and lustre. And it feels comfortable in your hand. The next step is to carry out quality control, every link is to carry out strict quality control, to ensure the quality of products. If the sample is OK, we can start mass production.

After production, we will clean the surface of all safety razor to make sure all of them are cleaned. Once cleaned, we will go through the process of packing, finishing and shipping them to the customers. After the goods are delivered, we also attach great importance to the logistics information. We track the logistics in real time and synchronize the information to customers to ensure that customers have a good knowledge of their goods information. When the customer receives the goods, we will also follow up the customer's feedback and ask whether they are satisfied with safety razors.

In kinghood, we design eco-friendly best safety razors that work well and save you money! We believe in our shaving razors and know you will love them too. If you're not satisfied for any reason we will pay attention to the problem, helping you to solve the problem, let you worry after sale service and be assured of our service and our company.