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Butterfly Open Shaving Razor

 l Size: 11.2x4.3cm                                                                                                                                                                                            l Weight: 112.5g (long handle)                                                                                         l Custom Service: Color、Logo and Package                                                                                                                                                l Material: Brass

 l Head: Double Edge Head                                                                                                                                                                              MOQ:100pcs



Top quality: The KINGHOOD wet shaver combines tradition and efficiency. It is made of high quality metals. Every razor go through the strictest controls and meet the highest quality standards.

Unique design: The design of the razor combines precision, fit and ergonomics, making a close shave is ensure. The butterfly opening allows you to change the razor blade within seconds. The textures of the razor handle guarantee optimal handling. The safety razor has a reasonable weight and feels comfortable in the hand.

Durable and cheap: A safety razor come with 2 sided blade. The safety razor not rust and is a companion for the whole life. In particular, the blades are very cheap.

BILD text winner in Feb 2020: The wet razor has been rated “very good” in the BILD safety razor test. It is made of solid brass in rose and is particularly high-quality and durable.  A great gift idea for your girlfriend or wife.

A soft, simple and thorough shave: The safety razor allows for an extra close shave and prevents ingrown hair and inflammation. With a ribbed and texture handle to sit comfortably in the hand. The closed comb makes it particularly safety.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Unlike disposable razors, there is no plastic waste. The razor is plastic-free and vegan, only the razor blades need to be replaced.

Use: Suitable for a skin-friendly shave on your legs, arms, armpits, face as well as bikini and intimate zone.


l Textured body and long handle on the comfortably of your hand.

l The butterfly open design is for it easy blade on the replacement. just twist the bottom to open.

l The razor is finished by matte plated, is for wet resistance to rust, even in the environment. It ‘s good for men shave.

l Perfect balance and weight between the sits comfortably in the hand and the extremely close shave.

Butterfly Razor:

l Works with any standard Double-Edge razor blade.

l Chrome plating protects the corn metal from corrosion.

l Durable and easy to clean.

l Be sure to dispose of blades in a Blade Bank.

What are our Butterfly Razors made from?

Our razors are made from a Brass Alloy (comprised of Brass and Zinc). We choose this materials for its because durability and corrosion resistance. Looked after properly, they should last a lifetime.

Recyclable: A resilient material helps you use a product for as long as possible and relieves you of the thought of waste.

Our shaver handles come in many different grooves. You can choose from different grooves. Of course, these are non-slip designs. If you don’t want just to put the razor in your bathroom, you also can choose our matching sets. It’s also small enough not to take up too much space in your bathroom. And it also can do the color to match the razor as well.

KINGHOOD Double Edge Blade Safety Razor Shaving Set is a sustainable and economic alternative that will find its place quickly in your bathroom.