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Why cooperate with Kinghood-razor manufacturer

Our safety razor is environmental protection material. Our materials usually are metal, wood or bamboo, so the material is recycled and biodegradable. You can get the best eco-friendly shaving when you get our products. It is a good choice for you to save money and no pollution on the planet. Our products are designed and made by professional designer, we also can customize your design according to your requirement.

We are selling double edge safety razor, butterfly razor, twin blades razor, three blades razor and five blades razor. You can choose different razor head to combine with different handle. Our products not just for men, we also have many colorful safety razors for women. They are all zero -waste, it can be used for legs, arm, and armpits.

We do can customize your private label on the products and package. For men, when you do grooming every morning, your beloved one will come to your mind and make you fresh and full of energy, which is of great importance to your new day job. We also can provide the shaving razor kit for you, and you can buy them as a great gift for your friends and families. You can imagine when they receive the gift with your brands, how surprised it is!

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy the eco-friendly razors, because the plastic one is harmful to our planet and waste a lot of money. If you buy the best double edge safety razor from us, you can save more money. And you just need to replace the razor blades, no need to change the razor.

We would like to share the best popular rose gold safety razors for women. On the one hand, you can the closer shaving when you shave. On the other hand, the handle is non-slip with a diamond pattern. The weight of our razors is well balanced on your hand. No matter from a far or near distance, our products are in the expression of authentic and genuine materials and excellent craftsmanship. They are in high quality and the weight is much heavier than other suppliers.

We have a strong team to help to sell the razor products, not only can products for you, also can take photos and video for you to sell. Our products have all kinds of handles for you to choose, different pattern handle, smooth handle, long handle and short handle. Besides, there are many different material handles, such like bamboo, metal, wood, resin handle and so on.

Kinghood always focus on products quality. We have more than 15 years’ experience to specialize in razor products. We are the best shaving set supplier. We are the first manufacturer of bamboo razors. Our styles all have appearance patents. We will constantly develop new products, so we will share the new designs with you anytime. If you become one of our regular customers, you can enjoy the new design free samples. It means maybe you can seize the chance to make more money in this field.