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Double Edge Razor Blade - 5pcs/pack

  • Model: BL-1
  • Size: 4.8x2.7cm
  • Weight: 5.5g


  • Matte Rose Gold
  • Matte Black
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Matte Chrome
  • Matte Gold
  • White

Price (USD): $0.31/pack

Custom Service: Logo & Package

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5 EDGE RAZOR BLADES - each box Includes 5pcs men’s double edge razor blades. Razor blades are extremely sharp, and will give you a great shaving experience.

Double-Edge Razor Blades are manufactured in China using Swedish Stainless Steel, and are compatible with all double-edge safety razors

MADE FROM PLATINUM COATED STAINLESS STEEL - Double edge razor blades are made from Platinum Coated Hi-Stainless Steel, which retain their sharpness and smoothness, giving on average 2 to 5 or more shaves.

Blade Packaging

Blade Size


Double Edge Razor Blades


We have two different boxes of blades.


The first one:


Size: 46mm*24mm            MOQ: 100packs

Weight: 5.35g                Sharpeness: 10-15N

Material: stainless steel      Delivery Time: 30 days after deposit

Single package size: 13.5*6.5*3.5cm 

Package type: 5 pcs per pack,20 pack per carton(10000 pcs per carton)


The second one:


a)Single package size: 39X34X32cm

b)Package type: Tissue paper+bubble bag+white box or custom

c)Logo: customized logo,but moq is 50000pcs.

d)Size: 10 pcs each packaging


Why choose our double edge razor blades?


1.Smooth, clean blade without irritation or razor burn.

2.Less clogging due to high quality.

3.Strong and durable, made from quality stainless steel.


Classic Shaving blades: This classic method is the origin of all men’s disposable razors and razor systems.

Stainless Steel Razors: Kinghood Double Edge blades are manufactured using high quality imported stainless steel.

Bulk Razors: Economical, convenient pack of 10 pcs replacement razor blades fit any Double Edge Safety Razor head.

Self-care: Take the time to turn your personal hygiene into a ritual with this traditional method.


Kinghood double edge razor blades provide a close shave when used with a double-edge shaving razor. Protect your skin while shaving. It is suitable for all safety razors.


We're the direct manufacture and it's available to customize your preferable design and brand & Logo. Just please provide your full requirement and documents to us, then we will give you the professional suggestions. 


we are a factory with more than 11 years production experience. We can do OME products.The MOQ of mirror is 3000pcs, For the razor 10pcs.


What is the function of the razor to the blade?

Before the blade comes into contact with the skin, the razor needs to be able to slightly flatten the area where the blade comes into contact with the skin to create tension and erect the roots. At the same time, the razor is more close to the skin surface, allowing the roots to be removed easily and smoothly without scratching the skin.


The benefits of razor shaving:

For the benefits of shaving with a razor, it reduces bacteria damage to the skin. Because most of the electric shavers on the market will produce bacteria after being used for a long time, which will cause skin allergies and other adverse effects. Instead, it's cleaner with a Double

Edge Safety razor, because you'll be cleaning it as you go. However, when shaving, be careful to use to avoid scratches.


On the disposal of used blades:

Many people will be confused? What should I do with my double edge razor blades when I do not use them? Throw it away and you will hurt the hands of the sanitation workers. At this time, you can buy our discarded blade boxes to help you solve the problem.


The discarded blade box is designed to look like a mailbox and is tiny, with a slit in the middle that just fits into the blade.

If you want to take it out, that's fine, there's a chassis on the bottom that can be lifted.


Size :63*50*43mm               material: iron