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As the saying goes, "When looking someone at the first time is to see his/her face, second is body.” A relaxed face plays an important part in making you more attractive to the camera .Our jade roller stick for your beauty continue to escort, is the best facial jade roller, it not only for you to regain the light, but also better for your face to do a massage, Helping you to relax and calm the muscle tension. let your tight elastic face more ruddy, more energetic, and let you become a shining point in a number of people. Are you hooked?

Our jade rollers are made from local materials, from natural pollution-free raw stone for cutting, shaping, grinding, polishing and a series of processes. Each producess we are doing strict quality control to make sure the quality of products is best and let you happy with our jade roller.

Our jade roller size is 14*5.5cm and weight is 63.4g, that is better for lady using, not heavier and long enough.

We also use the natural jade to make sure our products. Besides, we provide you with all kinds of color to meet your needs, including pink, green, purple and so on. And our roller handle parts also can do what color you want. For our customers, we offer customize gift box and packaging, which you can give someone as a gift or for you to use. Our jade roller not only use in face, but also use in neck, legs, back and other parts.

Why our jade rollers were called as the best jade roller? Because we have obvious advantages:

First, the jade roller is made by no noise design. It give you a more smooth and minimal pressure skin massage.

Second, AB glue is used for the inter, which is environment-friendly and strong and does not fall off .

Third, with zinc alloy parts, strong and durable, do not fade, so it has longer service life.

The main functions are as follows: it can soothe facial nerves and muscles, helping remove toxins and make your face look fairer , if you keep using for a long-term can achieve the effect of thin face and shape the face. Also, it can make your face more vibrant and youthful.

If you are not clear for how to use it, we also have methods to help you:

Shave from the brow to the temple, then to the hairline, and point pressure around the eye, scraping from the eye head to the temple and then from the corners of the mouth oblique upward to the temples scraping from the brow to the tip of the nose along the bridge of the nose, and then to both sides of the nose;by parity reasoning ,scraping the chin along the jaw line to the sideburns ,finally roll your head back and forth along the Z, scraping from neck to shoulder.

Our jade roller is the best roller is not a lie ,I promise we can give you a different feeling and the best service!