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As we all know the shaving blades are very important in our daily life. We have the best safety razor blades for you to choose, such as double edge blades, twin blades, three blades and five blades. All of them not only can be used for men, but also for women. For men, they can use the safety blades to shave their beards. For women, the blades can be used for body.


Recently, more and more people used to use the double edge safety shaving razor blades. It is widely used in eyebrow reshaping, shaving mustache, shaving hair and so on. It is made of the best stainless steel material. The most important reason is that they are eco-friendly and can be recyclable.


And our selling data shows that women customers prefer to use the double edge safety razor blades to shave eyebrows, face, hand, underarm, body and bikini.

They will not only buy safety razors from us, also take the razor blades together. On the one hand, their customers do not need to buy blades additionally, it is not convenient. On the other hand, it adds the value to your razor products.


In general, men's beards are coarse and hard, and they would like to choose the men’s safety razor blades for shaving. It is very sharp, and no easy to hurt your face. After finish the shaving, you will feel very clean and handsome. And it will bring a nice feeling when you use the razor blade.


For the safety blades, we can customize the logo and package for you. But you need to reach our MOQ, we can customize your brand on the blades. Also, if your quantity is not too many, we can provide the blades without any logo in our normal package. We have 5blades/pack and 10blades/pack. Most of our customers are satisfied with our razor blades quality, so we got many good feedbacks from them. And before you order, we can provide the razor with the razor blades samples in free for you to check the quality, you just need to pay the freight from our factory to your address.


For different people, maybe some used to use the twin blades, three blades or five blades to shave. So we do have these blades for you to choose. Compared with the electric razor, the manual razors with the safety razor blades is very economic and eco-friendly. Because they don't need to recharge, they just need to change the blades, and one blade can last a long time.


Our blades are not just for personal use, also for barber shaving. As is known to all, the barber uses the best safety razor blades, so it shows that our blades are the best. Then we can provide it our barber business customers. And they are unisex, we can share the video that how to use the double edge razor blades, twin blades, three blades and five blades for the beginners. Hope all customers can find the best razor blades for shaving.