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Butterfly Safety Razor-Dancing On Your Skin

The butterfly safety razor features Kinghood world-famous butterfly mechanism. The butterfly open safety razor (also known as Twist-to-Open design) makes replacing blades easier. This Best Safety Razor for men blends traditional style with the modern nice look that makes it an elegant and durable safety razor.


This butterfly safety razor will give you lasting service for years to come. It features a solid brass handle with a silver plated handle that is a sturdy and heavyweight. This Kinghood butterfly razor comes with a comfortable textured chrome-plated handle that you can hold easily with a wet or soapy hand. It will protect you from shaving nicks and irritation of the skin. This safety razor for women makes a great gift with its classic modern styling and elegance. It is a timeless classic that provides a smooth shave experience in your own home.


New for 2021 and selling fast, the best chrome-plated double edge razor from Kinghood features a twist-to-open butterfly mechanism to make blade changing easier and safer. Made from a durable rust-resistant Zinc Alloy and brass handle, this razor is built to last. Its slim razor head provides great maneuverability and can reach those hard-to-access areas like under the nose. The micro comb edge helps reduce the pull of the beard to give a smoother mild to medium aggressive shave. Furthermore, the head covers the side edges of the razor blade, often exposed in other razors, preventing scratching yourself during the shave. The elegant pattern on the handle provides plenty of grips and coupled with the high-quality plating, will look great in any bathroom.


The durable travel size gunny bag, supporting your logo, provides protection for the razor and has a very useful compartment for storing double edge razor blades. All in, the butterfly safety razor is an economic and stylish luxury razor that is a good ideal for traveling and will make the perfect birthday, Christmas, or Father’s Day present. An all-metal construction safety razor for women with a color-plated finish, a butterfly opening, and some great styling on the handle. Put this together with a pack of blades, a nice rich lather, and you will get a close satisfying shave reputably outperforming the likes of Mach 3. Also, don't forget the savings in razor blades compared to the cost of the average Mach 3 or Fusion 5 refill cartridge, you just need to replace the blade for the best safety razor for men or women!


This safety razor works with one piece of stainless steel double edge blade, which can quickly remove ingrown hairs. Compared with a multi-blade cassette razor, this double edge razor causes much less skin irritation. The razor is made of zinc alloy metal. It does not rust, and there is no need to change the handle and head as often as a plastic razor. Double edge blades are particularly cheap. Using this reusable metal razor is an economical choice. The manual safety razors does not need to be recharged, nor does it need to use disposable batteries. You can bring this razor during business trips or outdoors, regardless of electricity issues.