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Butterfly Razor

Butterfly Razor


Our butterfly razors for sale handles are available in several types, metal, bamboo, ABS.

  • High quality: KINGHOOD shaving machines combine tradition with efficiency. It is made of fine metal. Every razor is subject to the strictest controls and meets the highest quality standards.


  • Unique design: accurate, fitting, ergonomic design, make the shave more close to the body. Butterfly openings allow you to change blades in seconds. The grain of the shaving handle ensures the best handling. Butterfly Safety razors have a reasonable weight and feel comfortable in the palm of your hand.


  • Durable and cheap: razor butterfly have double-sided blades. A safety razor does not rust, it is a lifelong companion. In particular, blades are very cheap.Shaving kits are the ideal travel companion and the perfect gift for your loved one. Especially for beginners, safety razors are a good choice.


  • February 2020 Bild Test Champion: Wet Razor was rated "very good" in the Bild Safety Test. It is made of solid copper material, the color rose gold, which is of exceptionally high quality and durable. The best gift for a girlfriend or wife.


  • Soft, Simple and Thorough Shave: Safety razors allow extra tight shaving to prevent inward growth and inflammation of the hair. It has a ribbed handle to sit comfortably in. Closed combs are especially safe.


  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Unlike disposable razors, there is no plastic waste. The razor does not contain plastic, only the blade needs to be replaced.


  • Use: Suitable for skin-friendly shaving on legs, arms, armpits, face, bikini and private areas.


Now for our bamboo butterfly razor.


  • Our butterfly razors are made from an environmentally friendly material, bamboo, which is a symbol of strength, flexibility and sustainability. The razor head is zinc alloy, the other metal parts are copper, and the whole product is plastic-free, zero waste, non-disposable and sustainable and recyclable.


  • We are the first manufacturer to invent and produce this bamboo, we have applied for the patent of appearance, only we can make such appearance style. And this one is our best-selling style, our surface treatment is through exquisite electroplating, can be electroplated in a variety of colors, bright and flawless. Our bamboo handles are handmade without any chemical process.


  • Customized service:We can customize your logo, name and other information, we can laser on the razor head or engraving on the bamboo handle, we can also customize the packaging, custom blade and other services for you.


  • Razor is our daily necessities, boys can be used to shave, and girls can be used to shave body hair, armpit hair, so we must choose a good product, so as to use safe. Bamboo shaver is your best choice, safe and environmentally friendly.


Our advantages:


  • We attach great importance to the quality of razors, from raw materials, stamping, polishing, electroplating and assembly, every step will be under the control of our strict quality control department.


  • More than 50% of Amazon sellers come from us, and the quality of our products has been recognized by customers.


  • Compared with electric razors, butterfly razors are cleaner and faster, and they don't have to be recharged all the time. Butterfly razors are easier to carry around and are more suitable for short business trips.
  • Butterfly Open Shaving Razor

    Price (USD):6.13

    There are over 50% sellers in Amazon are ordering razors from us.

  • Butterfly Open Safety Razor

    Price (USD):5.60

    The safety razor allows for an extra close shave and prevents ingrown hair and inflammation.

  • Best Bamboo Butterfly Safety Razor

    Price (USD):5.80

    Our razor is made of bamboo handle and metal material, all material is recyclable, eco friendly and good to natural environment.

  • Butterfly Head Safety Razor

    Price (USD):7.00

    Decorative handle patterning further accentuates the handle beauty and shape while improving wet grip.