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Choose The Best Razor In Your Life

In our daily life, choosing the best beautiful safety razor is very important for us. Get the best safety razor, you will have a nice experience for shaving, a nice mood to start a good day, and get a high-quality life.


Now it is a good chance that I would like to share the best razors that we have. The hot-selling razor styles are the 2 piece safety razor and the butterfly razor, and there are many different razor shapes and handle styles for you to choose in our website. All of you can get the one that you like, someone may like the luxury safety razor, and for women, may like the safety razor pink color.


Also, on the contrary, some may like to ask, if I do not want the style that in your website, can I get some difference?
Then, I can tell you guys. Yes, you can.


You can contact us to ask for the details and share your idea with us, we can do the special styles for you. Kinghood is a professional razor manufacturer with over 15 years, we always do OEM and ODM service for our customers. At the same time, we do not just provide razors, also do shaving brushes, stands, blades, and others for shaving.


For the safety razors, they are unisex, not only for men, but also for women. As we all know, ladies all like the colorful colors and prefer the safety razor pink, purple, green, or orange. They will be worried that can not buy these colors in one online shop, but now you can buy them on our website. Meanwhile, we can customize the Pantone color for you, which means you can get your favorite colors now.


For most adult men, they are similar to the 2 piece safety razor and best butterfly safety razor. Also, they can use them well. The Kinghood Safety Razor makes for the perfect men gift for your father, husband, son, or friend, for any holiday. The farther can buy the Luxury Safety Razor as a gift for someone that you want to send.


Also, we can provide one blade for each razor as a gift if you buy safety razors from us. The single blade effortlessly cuts at skin level to prevent and reduce bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs for coarse/curly hair. And it can fit the 2 piece safety razor and best butterfly safety razor, and they are high-quality stainless steel material.


The most important advantage is that our safety razors are made from eco-friendly material. It is a zinc alloy head with a brass handle. The environmentally friendly design is free of plastic, built to be reused, and can be safely recycled.


For teenagers, I would suggest they use the best butterfly because it is easy to open, and not easy to hurt themselves. And the father can teach their sons, using the 2 piece safety razor together. It will be a nice thing when the father shaving with their son.