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Foshan Kinghood Commodity Co., Ltd.

We provide customers with quality products and services.

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With over 15 years experience, Kinghood aim at producing popular design razor product. For years, relying on our unique designing concept, fashion sensitive innovation power, creating new meanings and unique style, we are gaining more and more customers' favor.

Confidence in Quality

We are never sell the badproduct for you. All raw ingredients, in-process materials, and finished products are tested for conformity and quality to written specifications at each stage of production.

No Plastic & Eco-friendly

Our products are made of eco-friendly material. So you don't need to worry about if it can be recycled , the anwser is absolutely YES!

Great Price

We are the razor manufacturer, so our price will be lower than other retailers' prices.

OEM & ODM Service

We can offer you specialized R&D, production, OEM service.

We can customize your order with personalized laser engraving & can also supply branded package.

Good quality products at reasonable prices is the describtion of our products from our customers .