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Frequent Questions About Best Long Handled Safety Razor

Some people always have a problem: what gift do i give me honey? Best Long Handled Safety Razor is the best choice.Custom logo, Custom package, Custom razor style.

Do you manufacturer or trade ?

We are shaving razor manufacturer,control quality well,use original material.Supply razors.

Can i do drop shipping with your Best Long Handled Safety Razor ?

Yes,we can do drop shipping for our Long-Handled Safety Razor,you just need give your customer contact,we ship to them,never reveal your customers details ,also not stick our details on the box or parcel.

How long for my order if i place Long Handled Women’s Safety Razor ?

If you custom package,500pcs lead time is 25days. If you use our current package,500pcs lead time is 15days.

What shipment methods will you use for Long-Handled Safety Razor ?

We always ship by air:DHL,FedEx,TNT,UPS, Also ship by sea. Many customers like to choose DDP in EU market.

What colors of Long Handled Women’s Safety Razor do you have ?

We have many colors as: Rose gold,Gold,Black,Silver,Pink,Purple,Blue,Green,White,Yellow. Also can custom colors as requirement,just need give Pantone no. To us,we will make sample to check first. Custom Long-Handled Safety Razor color sample will take 4-6days,mass products lead time will be 25days.

Can you do OEM/ODM Best Long Handled Safety Razor ?

Certainly,If you need custom razor style or shape,you can supply design artwork by AI file or PDF file to us,we can make mold or hand-made sample to you first. Some styles Long Handled Women's Safety Razor need open new mold,we will open mold after customers confirm samples are ok. If custom package,we can do many style boxes:drawer box,top case and bottom case box,magnet box.We can do craft paper and coating paper.All boxes can do samples as design artwork.Custom package MOQ is 500pcs.

What quality does your Best Long Handled Safety Razor?How long can be used ?

We are manufacturer,we do every process strict with QC,original material,pressure casting,polishing,cleaning,electroplating,100% inspect. You need keep well stock the Long-Handled Safety Razor after you use,the razor can be used long time.

Where the razors can be used ?

The Best Long Handled Safety Razor can be use for face,led,arm,underarm,body,bikini,which is smooth feel on the skin,also keep hair grown well after shaving.

How to keep the Long Handled Women's Safety Razor ?

You can keep the Long-Handled Safety Razor in the dry place,clear well after shaving,not wash use chemical liquid,use water is great.

Can we use the safety razor with others ?

We suggest just one people use their own Best Long Handled Safety Razor,which is careful and healthy.

Does Long-Handled Safety Razor blade can hurt people ?

Must keep away from children,and keep high position that children can not get the blade. The blade is made of stainless steel,which is sharp,good quality. Customer can buy blade case,put blade into case after changing new blade.

Does Long Handled Women's Safety Razor is damage our environment ?

The Best Long Handled Safety Razor is made of Eco-friendly,zero waste material,Which is safety razor,no need recharge,just change blade that also can save your money. Reduce electricity consumption is protect our earth,the Long-Handled Safety Razor also can use longer time,not disposable razor,will not throw out frequently,all these are protecting our environment.