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How to Use the Double Edge Razor

1. Differing types of Double Edge Razor
Firstly, there are three general sorts of double edge razors - one-piece (or butterfly), two-piece, and three-piece design.

One-piece razors have a butterfly-style mechanical latch which allows access to the removal and installation of a replacement blade without pulling the whole razor apart.

One Piece Double Edge Razor

The two-piece razors have the handle twist off in order that the highest of the cutting head comes far away from the bottom.

Two-Piece Double Edge Razor

Three Piece Double Edge Razor

Depending on what sort of razor you've got changed the tactic during which you load a razor blade slightly.


2. The way to Load a Razor Blade
Loading a razor blade is extremely easy but there are a few key points to seem out for.

Remember - if there's any looseness within the razor then confirm you adjust the skew of the blade to make sure it's even along the blade and even on each side of the razor.

Loading a blade into a butterfly razor is simply as simple - but it's going to have one flat piece of metal to position the blade rather than the three-prong design.


3. The way to Prepare Your Face
You should prepare your face in a similar way whether you're employing a disposable razor, a double edge razor, cut-throat razor, or the other variety. This guarantees that your facial hairs are soft, and there's sufficient lubrication to stop cuts and razor burn.

Soften your facial hair

Wipe your body with a hot towel or take a shower. this may soften your facial hair and take away any dirt and oils from the day.

Apply a lather

A good quality shaving cream will help to lubricate your face and soften your hair. Application with a badger-haired brush also will align your hairs and improve your shave.


4. Double Edge Razor Shaving Techniques
The techniques used with a double edge razor are very almost like how you're probably already shaving with a disposable cartridge razor.

Don't apply an excessive amount of pressure - use the sharpness of the razor blade to try to do the cutting, not just applying more pressure.

If you begin missing hairs or the closeness of the shave reduces leaving prickly skin behind then change out the razor blade. Don't keep employing a blunt blade and just doing more and more passes. the less passes the higher in terms of irritation to your skin.


5. Razor Maintenance
A good quality double edge razor will last for several years and can still offer you a far better shave as long as you maintain it. the most culprit liable for razor damage is rust and corrosion.

Even chrome steel razors and still stain 'less' not stain-free.

Keep your razor dry - this will a difficult task within the wet and humid environment of a toilet. We recommend drying your razor after each use and keeping it far away from the potential for getting into contact with moisture.

The other important factor is storage to avoid your double edge razor getting damaged by cats or kids. Some options include:

Storing it during a towel on a high shelf
Storage within a leather pouch
Keeping it within a wooden razor box