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Is Shaving Your Beard Frequently Good ?

KINGHOOD safety razor can trim even the toughest beards. How often you should shave depends more on your personal preferences than on the performance of your razor. A high quality safety razor can last a lifetime, so you don't have to worry about overuse of the razor. However, you need to consider the quality and maintenance of the blade. Unlike a razor, the blade does not last forever. The blade becomes dull and dirty, and cheap blades can even rust. If you don't take care of your blades, you won't be able to shave as often as you want.


In the final analysis, how often you need to shave depends on your preferred style, the speed of hair growth, the part of the body you are shaving, the quality and cost of the blade, and the level of care of the blade. the skin you take. Let's take a look at each of these factors one at a time.




If you shave your head with a double edge shaving razor, you may need to shave your head every one or two days to prevent the stubble from sticking out at the bay. If you don't mind leaving some stubble or a bit of hair, you can shave your hair every few days to a week. Beards are more complicated, but there are a few exceptions. There are only two simple beard styles: all or nothing. In other words, if you are growing a beard or want to keep it clean, you don't have a lot of challenges. When growing a beard, you don't need to shave at all. If you prefer to shave clean, you will shave every day. However, for many men, maintaining a beard is not that simple.


Complex beard styles require daily maintenance

Is your beard style complicated? Do you trim your beard to a specific line, wax your beard, or use a stylish design, like a faded beard? If so, you should use a safety razor (and possibly several other tools) to check your beard every day.


Skin-friendly shaved beard style requires daily maintenance

Even if you lengthen your beard, if you trim your neck hair to a specific line, you will need to shave every day. If your employer asks you to keep your beard clean and tidy, you will need to trim it every morning before going to work. When maintaining a beard style, part of the shorter hair will be left on the face and the rest will be shaved. It's best to shave every one or two days so you don't forget the lines you've created.


Don't shave your hair too often

Technically, body hair needs to be trimmed rather than shaved - there's a reason. Body hair protects your skin from the sun, collects sweat and particles, and prevents harmful debris from entering your body. Although body hair is useful, many people still find it necessary to shave it. Shaving your upper body isn't a big deal, but when it grows back, it itches like crazy. How often you need to shave your chest, shoulders, and back depends on how often you are willing to tolerate the itch. it's better let the nature take its course, If you shave your armpit hair, you may experience severe itching and potential hygiene consequences. Maybe it's best to let your armpit hair grow freely, right ?