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KingHood Safety Razor With Bamboo Wood Handle

Elegant and environmentally friendly – with the sustainable safety razor with bamboo wood handle for women, you are not only sustainable and plastic-free compared to plastic and disposable razors. But also has a stylish safety razor at hand.

Gentle wet shave - Thanks to its own weight, the women’s bamboo razor glides over the skin without pressure and protects the skin layer. All areas such as legs, armpits, face, genital area, the head can be shaved. Skin-friendly shave.

Sustainable gift - The bamboo razor set comes completely plastic-free in a beautiful gift box and 5 shaving blades/ 10 shaving blades. An ideal gift for both men and women that will definitely make an impression.

Premium quality: only the best for your skin! Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and strict quality control, our women’s bamboo razor is extremely durable, optimally balanced, fits perfectly in the hand, and is non-slip even when wet.

Versatile: Whether face, bald, legs, armpits, genital area, or full-body shaving, kinghood safety razor with bamboo wood handle ensures a smooth shave and a flawless result. Suitable for men, women, professionals, and beginners.

Environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly: environmentally friendly, sustainable, and completely recyclable the ideal alternative to conventional plastic and reuse razors. In addition, thanks to the extreme durability and affordable blades, you will save a lot of money.



Plastic-free & simple - Both the razor with bamboo wood handle and the stylish gift packaging are completely plastic-free. For a clean environment and a clear conscience. Your satisfaction is made and happy: if you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund you immediately the purchase price. No ifs or buts. Guaranteed! Our bamboo razor set is the perfect zero-waste alternative to the plastic razor. The safety razor with bamboo wood handle, blades and plastic-free packaging is completely recyclable.


The robust women’s bamboo razor handle is made of natural bamboo, is water-repellent, and extremely durable. Your razor with unique and distinctive grain the perfect weight distribution, your wet razor fits perfectly in the hand and glides over the beard, legs, or genital area without pressure - without skin irritation the affordable replacement blades not only protect the environment but also save you a lot of money in the long term. Since we have 100% trust in the quality of our products, we give you the opportunity to test our bamboo razor set.


Our bamboo razor set is made entirely of environmentally friendly materials from the razor to the safety razor blades to the packaging. Plastic-free and environmentally friendly. With the recycling of the packaging, you can hang women’s bamboo razors in the shower and the cotton bag is perfect for safely storing the razor when traveling. the women’s bamboo razor from kinghood lasts a lifetime. The safety razor with bamboo wood handle will be your best-wet razor - promised. Conventional razors for men and women are not reusable and don’t pollute our environment. With the Kinghood beard razor, you only replace the razor blade and thus contribute to a cleaner environment.