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Butterfly Open Shaving Razor

  • Model: RZBF-2
  • Size: 11.2x4.3cm
  • Weight: 97g


  • Matte Rose Gold
  • Matte Black
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Matte Chrome
  • Matte Gold
  • White

Price (USD): 6.13

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There are over 50% sellers in Amazon are ordering razors from us. Our products quality is approved by their customers as well. You can see the texture of handle, it's an anti-slipping design. So the razor will be not easy to drop off when you use the razor to shave your beard. You can enjoy the perfect shaving process every time.

The butterfly razor can be said to be an improved version of the old-fashioned razor. Conventional blades can be used. The razor color can be customized, and it can be used by both male and female.


What do you think butterfly open razor is best choice for shaving?


The pleasure of shaving with a butterfly open razor starts from changing the blade of the razor, and those who only press the power button of an electric shaver will never understand how cool this thing is. Just like people who only order takeaways, they will never understand how important cooking pot gas is to food.


The butterfly-shaped revolving structure also brings us a heavy hand and a sense of ritual when used, and it is safer to replace the blade.


The blade head design of the butterfly razor makes the blade face closer to the skin, softer contact, and shaves cleaner and safer. Whether you have rough skin or sensitive skin, hard or soft, sparse or dense beard, you can customize your own shave sensation. The beard can be easily cut off when the razor rises and falls, but it does not cause scratches.


Before you use, please put some warm water to wash your face. At this stage leave your brush soaking in the warm water, let is absorb some heat. First, heat the blade up. Always use a sharp blade. Squeeze out the excess water from the brush. Lather up in the bowl for about one minute. Cover the whole area. Paint the lather on the face, don’t force the brush into the face. Start under the sideburns and hold the razor at and angle of about 30 degrees to the face. Short strokes, very little pressure. And from time to time you might want to hold to skin. That leads to a better closer shave and the razor blade to get into these pesky wrinkles and lines on your face. Now shave come with the hair grows downwards on the face, upwards on the neck. No need to rush, and it will easy to hurt you. After finished, we need to use water to clean the razor and then keep it dry.


But when it comes to shaving, men should be slower and longer, because a manual razor that is forced to make you look handsome can not make you look handsome immediately, but it can make you feel that you are becoming handsome.


On the other hand, using our products will not cause any pressure on the environment. At present, environmental protection is advocated. In order to meet the government's call, our products are all degradable and recyclable materials. Our razor heads are made of zinc alloy, and the handle is made of metal, wood or bamboo. Choose our razor, let us defend our planet together.


You don’t have to be too entangled in any gift you want to give. The butterfly shaving razor is the best choice, both to use and environmentally friendly. The razor can also be used with a small holder, brush, razor cream or shaving soap, plus exquisite packaging, high-end, atmospheric, high-grade, it is definitely a good gift. Or are you entangled in which color you want to choose? Rose gold is also a popular trend, used by both men and women.


Get grooming! You deserve a KINGHOOD razor.