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Best Luxury Double Edge Razor

  • Model: RZMT-4
  • Size: 10.8*4.3cm
  • Weight: 92g


  • rose
  • black-1
  • black
  • chrom
  • chromium
  • gold
  • white

Price (USD): 4.1

Custom Service: Logo & Package

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  • Razor Application
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Size: 10.8*4.3cm                   Weight: 92g

Custom Service: Logo & Package     Material: brass,zinc alloy,copper

Razor is a kind of the commonest in man's daily necessities, although a lot of people are being used every day, but there is an error on using method however, let us look at the correct use method of razor together.

How to use Safety Razor Shaving Kit?

a)Before shaving, wet the brush with water and squeeze the excess water out of the brush after it is fully permeated.

b)Then take a small amount of shaving cream and put it into a bowl.

c)Turn the brush clockwise or counterclockwise and stir until the cream is full.

d)When the mixture is finished, apply the shaving cream evenly to your face.

e)Install the razor blade into place.

f)Shave along the direction of the beard at a 30-degree Angle without pressing down.

A lot of men are afraid to encounter the situation of scraping the skin when shaving, so we must do a good job in the preparation of the beginning. In fact, when choosing a razor brand at the beginning, choosing a good brand can effectively avoid skin scratches. Kinghood is a factory with 15 years of production experience,

Company strength:

  • More than 15 years of razor manufacturing experience.
  • Sales performance of more than 1,700,000 pieces razors annually.
  • Won the trust of customers and products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

The Eco Razors for Women is a women necessity, but cleaning is often neglected. Some people are not clean all the year round, and even breed a lot of bacteria. According to Taiwan investigation research report shows, the number of bacteria contained in the shaving knife is 125 times more than the toilet lid unexpectedly.

Experts suggest that Rose Gold Metal Razor do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to make bacteria and other dirty things on the blade. If the skin is damaged, it is likely to cause infection and skin disease after use.

Therefore, the Eco Friendly Shaving to often clean, blade type shaving knife after each use, the blade will be removed, with a brush or cotton adsorption on the residue of the blade, use two or three times, the blade can be soaked in alcohol, and then dry with cotton standby.

Advantages of Rose Gold Metal Razor:

1. Handfeel is good, especially the smooth feeling of foam is more delicate.
2. Cleaner than an electric razor.
3. Easy to clean.
4. No noise.
5. Small size, easy to carry, do not need to worry about running out of electricity, can not use.
6. It can be used for a long time, only need to replace the blade in the middle.

The market advantage of razors

1. Razor is a daily necessity for men/women, which will never be unsalable and is needed every day. The market is very large.
2. Razor sales channels are wide: Facebook, Instagram,eBay, official website, Amazon, supermarket, Shopify, Lazada, barbershop, Tmall, AliExpress, Taobao, web celebrity live.
3. It can be sold together with other products, such as toothbrush, hair brush, razor blade, shaving cream, razor blade, scissors and scissors.
4. While you are selling our products, you also suggest that you customize your own style and apply for patent.

We are a factory, there is no middleman to make price difference, good quality and low price, it is very good to cooperate with us.














Double edge razors have a good shaving feel, very smooth after foam, especially the use of the blade hidden, feel super good. At the same time, its shaving cleanliness is very high. If you shave against the stubble, you can feel no stubble by rubbing your chin and you don't need to worry about running out of electricity. Because it is not a power type, you can use it without electricity. Small size, light weight, travel does not take up space to carry. Spare blades are easy to carry and they can be recycle. These are advantages that electric shavers can't match.


Electric shavers are difficult to control the direction, it is easy to scratch the skin. Double edge razor, however, rely solely on human control and can well control the shaving force and angle. Because human subconsciously believe that they are better than machines, double edge razors can often clean the beard at one time, while double edge razors just need to clean the beard back and forth.


Double edge razors are designed to be compact and easy to carry. Many men who travel on business often choose to take double edge razor with them. They are light and do not occupy an area of land, and also avoid the embarrassment of running out of power when they need them in a hurry. For a lot of tough guys, the more convenient the better. It is economical and convenient to change the razor blades.


Because of the motor, electric razors often have slight vibration at work, which is easy to cut the handsome face with the sharp blade. The skin when shaving is fragile, which can easily lead to skin inflammation and discomfort.


How to use the double edge razor?


Hold the blades by the sides. Place the blade in the blade chamber. Gently shake the handle to make the blade installation firmer. Make sure the blade is straight and centered and keep the razor head horizontal. Turn the knob located at the bottom of the razor handle to open and close the blade cavity until it is completely closed and the blade is firmly installed on it. It is convenient and quick to shave.


These are the four steps to use the razor correctly. The method of use is to put as little pressure as possible.

1. Let the weight of the razor do the work for you.

2. Hold the tip razor with the handle.

3. Tilt the blade at a 45 degree angle.

4. Shaving beard.


When the scraper is clogged with hair, you can open it a bit and rinse off the hair inside, so that you can get a new blade every time you use it.


This is a beautiful double edge razor for either your own use or a gift. Our double edge razor help you maintain by trimming, shaving, cleaning, and treating your skin with care . We take pride in making a specific product more professionally, and we are happy to help men feel more confident, comfortable and healthy. Choose our double edge razor, free samples, fast shipping and customized service are waiting for you and safe blade replacement as well.