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Scissors is an important part in our daily life, it is our daily necessities. So how should we choose a pair of scissors suitable for ourselves?


Firstly, for one set, we usually separate them with straight scissors and thining scissors. The purpose of the thining scissors is to help thin out the hair, making heavy hair lighter without changing the overall length of the hair. The main purpose of a straight scissors is to help cut the hair short, and it does not give the hair any other effect. The main function of thining scissors is to thin the hair, while the main function of straight scissors is to shorten the hair. For non-professional hairdressers, you can choose our product, because this is the best hair cutting shears for beginners. Our hair cutting scissors are suitable for men, women and children.


Secondly, our scissors are made from high quality stainless steel materials and high-end appearance: extremely sharp blade, which makes hair clean, easy and even to cut without damaging or splitting the ends, smooth cut and mirror finish. The scissor design is more ergonomic with a short thumb handle that reduces stretching over the thumb and wrist, relaxing your elbow and wrist. They are good for salon workers, hairdressers and families. Also available in a variety of different colors such as rose gold, black, silver, gold and colorful color. It can be purchased separately or as a set. This is absolutely the best choice for your family and friends. We have the top hairdressing scissors and best hair cutting scissors. Our hair cutting scissors can be used to cut bangs, severed hair, beards, hair or DIY hairstyles. They can be used in your home or for barber. For parent, you can use the scissors to cut for your Children or yourself, even in this special time, we need to stay in home to protect ourselves. Try our best to keep away from others, then we can defeat the virus soon.


Next, let's talk about the proper use of hair scissors: scissors can be divided into two parts: fixed blades and movable blades. When holding the scissors, the ring finger is inserted into the fixed blade ring, the thumb controls the movable blade, and the other fingers are placed on the fixed blade to control the parallel of the scissors. When operating, the hand that holds the scissors also holds the comb. Hold the scissors in the palm of your hand and hold the comb between your thumb and forefinger.

1. Rinse the scissors with water and hot water, and dry them with a soft towel.

2. Put a few drops of alcohol on the joints and dry them off. This will help absorb the water in the joints.

3. Put a drop of good quality oil on the seam. Check your nervousness every now and then. Caution: Professional hair-cutting scissors are very sharp, so be careful when used!


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