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Recommendations of The Shaving Razor Set

Are you still using disposable razors? Do you still find it troublesome to use it many times and find yourself needing to buy a new one? In that case, I recommend our Shaving Razor Set. As a Shaving Set Supplier with 15 years of production experience, we can recommend the right Shaving Razor Set to you according to your preferences.

One might ask why the Shaving Razor Set is recommended, but not the razor. That's because we're keeping sustainable, and our shavers are good enough. We're concerned that you don't have the tools and stands to make your shaving experience better, so we want to introduce our Shaving Razor Set for you.

Eco-friendly Material

Our Shaving Razor Set has a brush, a stand and a razor, it's all eco-friendly, there's no plastic in any products, and our brush hair knot is nylon hair because badger hair is animal hair and we don't want to hurt animals so we use nylon hair. Of course, if you think nylon bristles contain plastic, we can also provide only stand and shaver to meet your needs.

High cost-effective

It's much cheaper to buy a Shaving Razor Set as a whole than to buy a stand and a razor as a whole. And in the long run, it's better to buy disposable razors at the supermarket every week than a durable Shaving Razor Set. And we also have Safety Razor Blades for Shaving to match, so that you can enjoy your shaving moment as soon as you receive our products.

High quality

All the products of our company have been through strict QC from the sourcing of raw materials, casting, polishing to plating. We assure you that no products can be delivered to customer without strict QC. Every process of our manufacturing is sample-tested according to hte Standard AQL0.65/1.5 while the finished products are 100% tested.As far as we know, our competitors’ products are tested against the Standard of AQL2.0/4.0.

Many color options

In addition to metal materials, our Shaving Razor Set can also be made of wood. All materials are environmentally friendly, without any pollution. Besides, our Safety Razor Blades for Shaving are also environmentally friendly. If you want to customize the color, we can also customize the color of your brand for you.

Good Team Work

We have a professional team, for selling and manufacturing. Our salesman are very aim at the razor market, so if you are the new in the razor market, we can help you how to build your brand in the market. And our production team is promise we can ship your order products on time. So we are helping you to do a first step to the good selling and open your brand.

Always handsome, cost-effective, durable, our razor set is the only thing. We are willing to work with new clients, if you want to have a Shaving Razor set sample, we can supply you for free to test the market. If you needed, pls contact us and send us enquiry.