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Safety razors are the safety solution to dangerous straight-edged razors. They function much like straight-edged razors, except that safety razors are designed to protect the razor from nicks, cuts and other unnecessary injuries. Safety shavers come in a variety of styles, including double edge, single-blade, adjustable, open comb, and butterfly shaver.

Safety razor is no matte what type of razor you choose, following these basic tips can help you get the most out of your razor and safety shaver. The safety razor is not your usual cheap plastic shaver. They are designed to be of high quality and do not require much stress to work properly. In fact, it is a good idea to gently manipulate the safety razor, so that it can slide over the skin, rather than dragging it around. This is our goal. It is a good idea to adjust your technique based on your beard or the length of your beard.

Safety razor is conventional plastic and electric razors impossible to recycle and end up in our landfills and oceans, which is bad environment. With safety razors all you need to do is replace and recycle the blade, which helps create a cleaner planet.

The safety razor is durable and loos beautiful in any bathroom.

Shave with our safety razors, stop disposable. Our razor is completely plastic free, also the packaging. Our razor make from environmentally friendly, zero waste material.

The sustainable razor is perfect for gentle we shaving. With your new wet razors you can shave anywhere: legs, armpits, face, intimate area, etc. The razor is gentle to use and ideal for both men and women.

You can buy the blades anywhere and protect your wallet; safety razor style is easy for blade replacement.

People are discovering extra innovative methods in their each day routines to minimize their plastic waste. Many guys and ladies are now selecting to go again in time and use a typical approach of shaving: the usage of a security razor. With many delivered advantages for your skin, many additionally surprise what environmental influence security razors. There are various motives why a security razor is higher for the surroundings and additionally greater really useful for your usual pores and skin health.
A protection razor makes use of a single double-edge blade made from metal which can be wholly recycled after it is used up. It is a small investment ($20-$40) however due to the fact it is made from eco-friendly metals inclusive of stainless steel, it will remaining a lifetime. Only the razor blades will want changing which are very affordable(less than $20 for a a hundred matter pack).Using a security razor will end result in a safer and higher-quality shave for your skin. 

Safety razors are made with robust design and affordability in mind. Each handle is composed of a sturdy Nickel alloy with chrome plating which allows for rust-free durability. These razors can be used with any standard safety razor shave and will allow for an incredibly close shave with less irritation and little-to-no plastic waste. The gun metal handle has a shorter, hefty grip with texture that provides excellent feedback while shaving.

Safety razor is 3 piece construction is durable and easy to clean, be sure to dispose of blade in a blade bank.

Safety razor is unique design, the design of the razor combines precision, fit and ergonomics, making a close shave is sure. The textures of the razor handle guarantee optimal handling.