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Select The Sustainable Bamboo Safety Razor For Yourself

Kinghood double-edged bamboo safety razors are pretty much guaranteed to last a long time. Made from high-quality zinc alloy with brass materials, a 100% bamboo handle, and copper metal parts, your Kinghood razor is incredibly strong and durable.



With Kinghood sustainable bamboo safety razors all you need to do is replace and recycle the blade, which helps create a cleaner earth. Also, we can provide the blades box to collect the double edge blades after you use them. Once you have the safety razor bamboo wood handle, all you need to buy are the double edge blades. You can not get any better razors than the bamboo safety razor. We can provide tips on how to assemble, how to get the perfect shave on all areas of your body for men or women, aftershave treatment, increasing the life of the blades.


This double edge safety razor is suitable for women and men, achieving the perfect shave for legs, head, body, and face with stable and steady glides so as to keep the skin more clean and smooth. Compared with those cartridges disposable plastic razor, this sustainable razor is designed with a 100% bamboo handle and recyclable parts, which is in accordance with the environmental concept. Let's start with a sustainable lifestyle and live on a clean and beautiful planet. Billions of single-use razors & cartridges are disposed of every year. Kinghood double edge bamboo safety razors are the perfect zero waste swap that produces a beautifully clean and safe shaving experience for both men and women. Kinghood is a responsible Chinese company that creates premium eco-friendly products. Our Sustainable Bamboo Safety Razor is guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Made from high-quality brass & bamboo, your reusable razor is both durable & zero-waste.




We suggest using each double edge blade no more than 7 times for the cleanest, smoothest shave. Natural bamboo is an extremely durable and fast-growing plant. It is also 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Whether you’re looking for that sleek shaven face or silky smooth legs, our safety razor with bamboo wood handle will get the good job done. Nearly billions of plastic razors are disposed of yearly. Make the switch to a plastic-free alternative as we forge towards a zero pollution planet. Whether gentleman or ladies, beginner or professional, you can optimally use your safety razor for face, legs, genital area, armpits, or for the whole body shave. A long-term smooth skin is guaranteed! This bamboo safety razor is not a disposable product! The Bamboo Safety Razor is made from high-quality brass and a 100% natural bamboo handle making the Razor extremely strong and durable. Your premium sustainable safety razor comes with 10 blades in a kraft box package.


The razor has a longer handle made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo is fast-growing, sustainable and one of Earth’s naturally renewable natural plant materials. The Bamboo handle will not become slippery. The handle is biodegradable and designed with perfect weight and ergonomic shape. This wet Safety Razor with Bamboo Wood Handle is different from disposable wet shavers. It is full of history for our planet and responsibility and does not pollute the environment. Protect our oceans and outdoors by cutting down on your usage of single-use plastic by using this reusable Biodegradable Safety Razor. Giving us the cleanest shave and a cleaner planet.