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Shaving Set & Stand

A good safety razor for the customers


We are a professional safety razor supplier , which specializes in manufacturing mental gifts. For the past 15 years, we have been producing personal care products and metal gift which include mirrors, razors, and powder cases. Any products can be customized in accordance with customer’s requirement. We have already cooperated with  many well-known brands at home and abroad and gone through their inspection.


Our safety razor is called “shaving razor for ladies”,which means our shaving razor wholesale for ladies. Also it suitable for a skin-friendly shave on your legs,arms, armpits, face as well as bikini and intimate zone. And it has perfect balance and weight between the sits comfortably in the hand and the extremely close shave.


Decorative hand cut barley patterning further accentuates the handle beauty and shape while improving wet grip. This style razor is highly reputed for perfect balance and shave quality. Used with a quality shaving cream or soap, this razor will produce a  close and safe shave.


Also ,we are a shaving set supplier, not only provide single safety razor ,but also safety razor set, and shaving brush. All you need ,we have, so do not worry about we can not meet your needs. And razor set is the ideal travel companion and perfect as a gift for the loved one.


Especially for the beginners of the safety razor is a good alternative to the razor. Also the wet razor has been rated very good in the BILD safety razor test. It is made of solid brass in rose good and it particularly high-quality and durable. A ideal gift idea for your girlfriend ,wife or any person you think is important for you.


Safety razors are made with perfect design and affordability in mind.


Each handle is composed of a firm nickel alloy with chrome plating which allows for trust-free durability . these razors can be used with any standard safety razor shave and will allow for an incredibly close shave with less irritation and little to no plastic waste. So you can do not worry about the pollution. The gun mental handle has a shorter ,hefty grip with texture that provides excellent feedback while shaving.


Our price is very competitive ,because we are factory direct selling, no middleman to earn the price difference,and the shaving razor price is much cheaper than other suppliers.


The packaging box is very delicate, the color is very beautiful, you can customized your logo in the packing box and choose your loved colors, we all can do the customized service.  The texture of both safety razor and packing is good, the use is very smooth, about the packing, you can choose Kraft paper world cover gift box, drawer box, or the custom packing Blank white box. The blade is also included in the box if you choose our safety razor set, more importantly, the blade shaved  very clean and do not need to worry the blade will harmful your skin. After use our hot sale safety razor set, you will think the cost performance is very well , give a person is very good using experience.


Free samples , customized service and fast shipping is waiting for you !