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There are 3 people in the R&D team, including one design drafter and two manual sample masters, all of them have over 30 years of working experience.

We have our own CNC lathes, which can process hand-made samples directly.

Customers can tell us their ideas. Our master will make preliminary samples for customers to confirm, and then improve them according to customers’ ideas.

Or the customer directly gives the design drawing, we can do the sample directly according to the design drawing.

If there is no need to create a new mold, we usually make samples for free.

The most popular metal shaving razor we have now is made by mechine, then we electroplated in different colors, and then sold to customers. Now we get extraordinary feedback.

All our shaving razor is only the most basic or important. 

Our team is ingenuity, luck and perseverance have resulted in a completely unique products that solves all of men’s shaving problems in ways that just might have you sincerely looking forward to your next shave.

Our shaving razor start to fill our own desire for affordable, gorgeous and functional reusable. We wanted to create products that we would be proud to carry around with us everywhere. Products that were so effortless to use that they would become second nature. Products that were so well designed and so well built that they would last a decade or more. And most importantly, products that at the end of their life cycle could be returned to the earth having had no negative effect to the overall health of this planet we call home.

However, no matter where this journey takes us, we can promise you this. We are in this for the intent more than we are for the returns. Our products will always be designed to maximize value for our customers-no corners cut, no shortcuts taken. Only the most durable, best designed and fairest priced reusable on the market. That is our commitment, both to you and to the earth.

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