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What Is Reusable Safety Razor ?

Our vibrant collection of ladies' best reusable razors for legs has been designed to make the switch to a zero-waste lifestyle easy. Say no to the single-use plastic razor with our perfectly balanced reusable razors female with extra grip, and make skin irritation & razor burn a thing of the past.


The Kinghood eco-friendly razor is fashioned from high-quality, durable chrome. They work with double edge razor blades which are secured easily into the device by screwing off the head. Our single-blade men’s razors can be used on all parts of the body & are guaranteed to give you the perfect shave.


Our best reusable razor men’s is available in many beautiful pastel colors to compliment your sustainable lifestyle.The perfect eco-friendly gift for women or men; each traditional safety razor comes with a gunny travel bag, a pack of 10 double edge safety blades & a stylish gift box.


Kinghood safety razors for women are environmentally friendly and are the perfect alternative to disposable razors. Billions of single-use plastic razors & cartridges are disposed of every single year. Our metal safety razors are the perfect zero waste swap & produce a beautifully clean smooth shaving experience.


Kinghood is a manufacturer that aims to protect our planet and the environment. We’re confident that you’ll love our reusable razors for female & sustainable beauty products. Disposable razors usually just end up polluting our oceans and planet. Our best reusable razor blade makes you a friend of Mother Nature by not contributing to the waste epidemic.


This best reusable razor men's features an ergonomic yet elegant handle. Zinc alloy head with brass handle attachments and high-quality electroplating make it extra tough against rust, stains, and corrosion. We offer the set in an elegant box that includes a pack of 5 razor blades. An excellent unisex gift idea for friends and family on Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, or other special days. Very easy to clean between metal parts, encouraging a more hygienic shave with less irritation and ingrown hairs. The removable head provides more convenience to clean loose hairs caught in the underbelly. Best reusable razor for legs/zero waste razor.


High-quality three-piece single-blade double edge safety razor. Rustproof and durable, crafted of a zinc alloy head and solid brass handle. Our single-blade razor for men & women is encased in a beautiful handmade gift box that can be used as a storage box or travel case for your beautiful reusable safety razor. This classic safety razor makes for a memorable gift for him or gifts for her for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, house warming, anniversaries, or others.


This classic safety razor head has a closed tooth comb design that, paired with a nice texture anti-slip handle, prevents the razors fall down when you shaving. The blade angle is a special design to provide the closest shave. Be an advocate for the environment, we are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards. Our products come completely plastic-free.