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Why Choose Zero Waste Women's Razor ?

Women have always been the most active group in the consumer field. Contemporary women are economically independent and spiritually free. They not only spend money, but also make money. Coupled with their natural love and discipline, they have a dominant role in household consumption while also subtly affecting the direction of the entire consumer market. In the new consumption field with iterative and updated business formats, female consumers directly promote social Group e-commerce, live broadcast delivery, group purchase and group purchase to achieve financing expansion.


Where did they spend all the money? Based on the female consumption reports released by various big data platforms in the past year, it can be found that the scale of China's female consumption market has reached 4.8 trillion yuan in 2020. In the field of e-commerce, women show absolute purchasing power. 70% to 80% of the users of vertical e-commerce are women. Cosmetics, food, childcare products, clothing, jewelry, medical care, etc., the vast majority of consumption is also Feminist.



KINGHOOD is mainly engaged in razor personal care products. From the early stage of the development of razor styles for the male’s market, now it is paying more and more attention to the female's market. We also continue to customize their styles of women and ladies safety razor. We have many styles of zero waste women’s razor, and the same styles are also available in different colors. The color and logo of the safety razor can be customized according to personal preference. The styles of female's razors are distinguished from those of male's razors. The styles of zero waste women’s razors are more elegant. The shape and design of the handle conform to the image of a woman, and the size of the handle fits the palm of a woman's hand. As a result, our safety razor has been favored by ladies and has become a hot item in the market.


With the introduction of zero waste women's razor and ladies safety razor, the women's market has also taken a pivotal position. Countries in the world, especially European countries, are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Many people choose KINGHOOD razors. In addition to our quality assurance, our eco razors for women and ladies are also made of environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. Many people will also report that when searching for women's razors, many of them are made of plastic. At this time, you should choose KINGHOOD without hesitation. Because our company has always implemented the theme of environmental protection to the end, the razors used by men and women are absolutely environmentally friendly.


In the personal care industry, I believe everyone will have a certain understanding of KINGHOOD. From bamboo razors to the diamond pattern razors developed by our company, these styles have always been the best-selling products in the world. With the progress of the times, our company has recently developed three new razors, namely Twinkle, Galaxy and Forest. The products are suitable for men and women. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We can provide you with a sample trial.