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Why is Shaving with a Double Edge Safety Razor Better?

Is Shaving with a Double Edge Safety Razor Better?

Back within the day, things were simple, and straightforward worked well. The double edge safety razor is a meticulously polished and well-made tool that can be used for a long time. It reflected the integrity and purposefulness of the person who used it. So, it's no won double edger that our double modern age is longing to rediscover wet shaving.

Traditional Wet Shaving with a security razor is one among the simplest ways to shave, handily. We are getting to walk you thru 5 reasons why shaving with a security razor is great.

It is a far better Shave
It is less costly
It is Traditional
It is Environmentally Friendly
It is Enjoyable

Safety Razors offer you a far better Shave:

Shaving with a double edge safety razor can reduce skin irritation caused by foam or electric razors, and avoid scratches and ingrown hair. the most reason is that with a security razor you simply have one edge against your skin at any time.

If you employ a 5 double edge cartridge razor and re-evaluate a neighborhood of your face 3 times, you've got now exposed one area of skin to fifteen passes of a double edge. As compared , if you're employing a razor, you're only exposing the skin to at least one double edge at a pass. the fewer times that you simply rake your face with a double edge, the happier it's getting to be.

The technique and process of shaving with a security razor also will assist you to hone your skill for an optimal shave. the security razor will allow you to know once you do something wrong, which allows you to regulate your future shaves and continually recover results.

Safety Razors are Environmentally Friendly:

The biggest environmental issue with disposable razors is that they're not recyclable. Consistent with the EPA, 2 billion disposable razors find themselves in landfills per annum. That’s billion, with a “b”. The steel double edge razor is recyclable, which may drastically reduce the negative environmental impact. and therefore the razor itself can last a lifetime. Additionally, shaving cream often comes in reusable bowls or refill pucks. to not mention, no more aerosol with questionable propellants.

A More Enjoyable Shaving Experience:

Shaving with a double edge safety razor is just more enjoyable, for a couple of reasons.

The razor: the security razor itself may be a metal piece of art that adds a manly aesthetic to a toilet.

The story: Many of the products have a story behind them. Where they're double edge, the one that started the road, the scents that are present. Each story element creates a connection to the merchandise and therefore the industry, making the shave desire you're a part of a community- which you're.

The Focus: the method of shaving with a double edge safety razor double edges focus. there's a process that must be followed to urge the shave done correctly. That focus pulls you into the instant of shaving, which concentration causes you to ditch everything else. You get a couple of minutes to yourself where you're enjoying the tradition, scents, and art of shaving with a security razor.